Thursday, October 30, 2014

Best Free Halloween Sound Effects App For iPhone & iPad - Review

If you download any apps for this Halloween, make it this one: Halloween Spooky Sound Box Free By Cookie Balloon

The best free Halloween soundboard app in my opinion, features 50 awesome spooky sound fx's including; Monster Roar, Freddy, Raven, Chainsaw, Bell Toll, Screams, Ghosts, Werewolf, "Get Out!", Wolf Howl, Zombies, Clown Laugh, Owl, Heartbeat, Witch, and many more.  

The app features big buttons with icons. 50 sounds over 4 scrollable pages. Ability to play and overlap multiple sounds at the same time. No internet connection needed to play sounds.

And if 50 sounds aren't enough for you, download the paid version of the Halloween Spooky Sound Box app which features 96+ sounds. (Currently priced at USD$0.99).

Halloween Spooky Sound Box is fun for all ages, especially for kids, and will make a great addition to your Halloween day.

- Download 'Halloween Spooky Sound Box Free' from the App Store


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