Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Attend 'Camp Pokémon' Now On Your iPad & iPhone - New Pokémon App

Just released on October 21st from The Pokémon Company is new iOS app, Camp Pokémon.

Aimed at kids 6 - 8 years, but you know a lot of older kids will still play, is a new Pokémon themed game for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPads, where you'll explore an island and play fun mini-games, while learning about the world of Pokémon.

On a 3D world, you arrive to the island, where you are met by camp leaders who will introduce you to Camp Pokémon. After a quick tutorial, of what are Pokémon, it's time to begin exploring the island, starting with the 'Alternative Reality Exploration and Naming Arena' (or ARENA for short), where you'll learn about identifying Pokémon.

First skill to master is locating the Pokémon in the wild, in the game, 'Find the Pokémon'. Tap and holding on the screen, you'll bring up the magnifying glass and explore the grass area looking for Pokémon. In the time limit, you must find 'em all (6) on the stage. Finding the Pokémon award you with their collectable 'Pin'.

Next up you're taken to an overview of the island, the Map, where there are no clear instructions other than to start exploring yourself. You can tap on key areas of the island like the Pikachu Ears building, the giant Poké Ball, the Tree house... And some places that you'd think are tap-able but aren't like the Lighthouse, giant Volcano, and the Pokémon battle ring.

Places on the island include, 'Battle Matchups', where you'll learn about Pokémon types, and what to choose in battle, in the mini game of choosing the strongest Pokémon to battle other Pokémon. Pokémon will float down the river and you must choose the correct Pokémon that'd be the strongest against it. For example, Fire Pokémon, so you'd choose a Water type to battle against it.

Now off to, 'Photo Booth', in here you can take a photo or choose on from your iOS gallery, then you can add stickers, other graphics, pre-written text, and frames. Photos are then saved to your device and camp photo book.

Next on the island, 'Pokémon in Focus'. A guessing game. You are shown a shadow of a Pokémon and you must guess which one it is from the choices below.

The big Poké Ball on the island is, 'Poké Ball Throw', another place to earn the collectible Pokémon pins. Here you'll learn how to throw Poké Balls. Using regular Poké Balls and Ultra Balls, all you need to do is flick a Ball at the moving Pokémon cutouts and knock down 6 in the time limit. You'll need to hit each Pokémon a few times depending on their energy amount.

'Pokémon Evolutions', is where you'll learn about, you guessed it, Pokémon Evolutions. In this game, you'll be show two parts of a Pokémon evolution, and you must pick the third.

Press the 'Home' button or go to the 'Cabin' to access your room/desk. Here you can see the Camp News, your Photo Book, and Pokémon Pin/Rewards Book.

Camp Pokémon is a great, fun group of mini Pokémon games for kids. It's a fun training camp that is like a 'school of Pokémon' that you must take before you can play the 'proper' games. It's the camp that kids would actually wish they really attend.

Camp Pokémon

Available to download for FREE on iOS devices.


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