Friday, October 3, 2014

Angry Birds Wants You To Make The Next Level! BirdDay Competition

To celebrate Angry Birds' 5th BirdDay, they are inviting you to create your own level, which could end up being selected along with other favorites chosen by the Angry Birds team, and made into a real level for the millions of Angry Birds fans to play.

"How to: Go to Select a theme Make a drawing, sketch, painting or picture Submit from the page! Watch out for the BirdDay episode on December 11th" - RovioMobile, YouTube. 

To submit your Angry Birds level, go over to, get inspired by one of the available themes, which include; NASA, Nat Geo Graphic, Twitter, Unicef, CERN, NHL, and more...

Then submit your level design by a sketch, painting or photo. Just saying, it would of been so much cooler if there had a software that you could actually create and play your own level online.

Make sure you enter your level design for the BirdDay competition before October 15th.

The BirdDay episode should be out on December 11th.


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