Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Christmas Puzzle Game For iOS featuring Santa Models

We're mentioning a Christmas game a bit early, today on Apps-Reviewed... Combine Christmas with girls in Santa costumes, and a jigsaw puzzle, and you get some Christmas fun!

From the developer Jumbo Advertising, is Sexy Christmas Girls Puzzle. (Rated for persons 12+).

The Sexy Christmas Girls Puzzle app is currently free to download (in the US Store, at time of posting), down from it's previous price of USD$0.99.

There are 15 different puzzles to choose from. To play, tap on a piece, then drag around, and tap to rotate. When a piece is in the correct position, it locks into place.

For reference, at any time you can see the original picture by pressing the "See Image" button.

If you're stuck and give up, you can also press the 'Solve Puzzle' to end of game and automatically fill in the remaining pieces in the correct spots.

It's not the most graphical game. I couldn't hear any sounds. The "sexy" images are pretty tame. And the GUI (graphical user interface) is pretty simple.

Some nice holiday fun. The app is currently free to download in the U.S. App Store (At time of posting), you can get it now for your iPhone, iPod touch  or iPad, from the iTunes App Store.


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