Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Urp! 360 Degrees of Fun! iPhone, iPad Game - Download Free Now!

Urp! By Ursa Major Media Inc. is a adventure puzzle game available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Urp is a little character that travels around the galaxy saving planets by solving puzzles, while collecting coins and eggs.

Urp! is a 360 degrees 2D game. Using the arrows, you can move left or right around the circular level. Use the triangle to jump, and the circle button to left out a force pushing obstacles out of the way.

Within a time limit, control Urp! to move around the world, placing stones into their corresponding place to save the planet. As you play, new game play mechanics are added to levels - making the levels more harder to solve.

The 'Universe' contains 7 worlds with a total of 60 Levels + 7 Bonus Levels to solve. There are also 50 Game Center Achievements to earn.

There are also customization options. Customize Urp! using coins to buy new items; color, hats, eyes, body, and feet.

Urp! is a fun strategy, problem solving game. Urp! is currently FREE to download, down from it's previous price of $0.99USD.


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