Sunday, September 7, 2014

Real iPhone 6 Running iOS 8 Shown Off On Camera?

We've seen part leaks that claim to be of the next generation iPhone, called by the internet, the "iPhone 6". But now something a lot more than a part has leaked out of Apple's supply chain - this time, a whole alleged iPhone 6 - running iOS 8.

Video uploaded from YouTube by user PhoneEvaluation (手机评测丶)

I'll be honest - if this is a fake iPhone 6 running a clone of iOS 8 - then it's done perfectly. There doesn't seem to be anything that can call this out as fake. 

The parts look real. The OS looks real. This may actually be the real iPhone 6. 
Now on to the iPhone 6. Multiple pictures and videos were posted by Weibo user, zzray. This appears to be the 4.7 inch iPhone 6. The design is the same from other leaked parts and rumors and those thick antenna lines are still there.

A interesting note - the screen is larger, but the icons appear to stay the same size as on the iPhone 5/5s screen - there is just more screen real estate added.  Therefore I'd guess the pixel density would probably stay the same, with just a slightly higher resolution. 

I don't know how Weibo user zzray, managed to get this "iPhone", but surprised that he actually dared to show his face on camera. If Apple doesn't send a team to arrest this guy for having stolen property - then they really don't seem to care what anyone does in China. Seriously - there has been companies using their Apple logo, making "clones" of what their next iPhone is rumored to look like. Stealing parts and now a complete alleged iPhone, before they are even announced... Either Apple doesn't care because this isn't real - or I'd expect them to go in and investigate at least after the official announcement. 

Apple is holding a media event (which will be live streamed) on September 9th 2014, where they are expected to announce the iPhone 6 and possibly the "iWatch". 


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