Monday, September 8, 2014

Play With Superhuman Abilities In New Card Game! 'Super Powered Battle: Card Game'

Before all the big Apple iPhone 6 and iWatch news breaks, I wanted to mention a new card game that has just been released. This card game is made old-school, meaning it's not an App (yet) it's actually physical cards. The game is called, Super Powered Battle: Card Game.

Super Powered Battle: Card Game is a strategy and chance card game where you get to play superhuman abilities to protect yourself and fight the other players.

The goal of the game? Get the least amount of damage!

There are a couple of different types of cards in Super Powered Battle: Attack cards - which you use to attack other players. And Defense cards - which you use to defend yourself from being attacked.

The game play is pretty simple - deal out cards, take turns. When playing a card, you can attack any player (not just the one next to you), and the player being attacked can defend themselves by playing a Defense card. At the end, you add up the scores of 'damage' and the player who received the least amount, wins.

The game uses a bunch of fun abilities and is very thought through.  For example: Invisibility makes the odds of an attack hitting very slim - however when a card like Terrakinesis (earthquake) is played - it can still effect you, as being invisible really wouldn't do anything.  

Some of the superhuman abilities featured in the game are: Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Mind Control, Super Speed, Stop Time, Reverse Time, Lightning, Power Absorption, Illusion, Flight, Healing, Forcefield, and many more... 

The cards themselves feature minimal icon-like graphics / symbols to showcase the ability of the card. The base pack comes with a total of 52 cards (about 28 unique) enough for up to 5 players. There is also an expansion pack available to add more card randomness and more players. The expansion pack also comes with 6 bonus abilities including; Telekinetic Blast, Power Mimicry, and Time Warp.  

Super Powered Battle: Card Game is great fun for the whole family. Apart from counting damage, I'd say it's as simple to play as UNO, but way more fun! Specially for Sci-Fi fans of TV and Movies with superhuman abilities like: The Tomorrow People, NBC's Heroes, X-Men, ect... 

Watch a Demo Video of Super Powered Battle: Card Game

Super Powered Battle: Card Game

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