Saturday, September 27, 2014

iPhone 6 Plus BendGate Part 3 - Consumer Reports Vs Unbox Therapy

Consumer Reports has released their findings into the whole iPhone 6 Plus bendgate fiasco, finding that they don't believe the phone's are as bendable as some claim.

In Consumer Reports findings, it took 90lbs to bend the iPhone 6 Plus, and 70lbs to bend it's little sibling, the iPhone 6. In comparison, it also took 70lbs to bend the HTC One (M8), where the strongest phones that they tested were the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at 150lbs, and the LG G3 at 130lbs. Meanwhile the previous generation iPhone 5s also bent at the force of 130lbs.

From these reports, unless you create more than 70lbs of force in your pocket, you should be fine.

In comparison, however, YouTube channel Unbox Therapy is back, this time with witnesses to show just how easy it really is to bend a iPhone 6 Plus using little force in this hands.

This time, Lewis Hilsenteger, buys a brand new iPhone 6 Plus, and applies force, pushing into the center of the iPhone. The results being worst than his first test. The iPhone 6 Plus bend with what look like ease, like it was rubber - and even the screen came unglued from the shells housing. Hilsenteger notes that he is not the Incredible Hulk or even that built, and that bending the iPhone 6 Plus was "easy to do". Was that 90lbs of force?

Unbox Therapy | iPhone 6 Plus: The Bend Uncut.  


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