Thursday, September 25, 2014

iOS Tip: How To Sync Your Angry Birds Game Progress/Scores Across Multiple Devices

So you've got multiple iOS devices, maybe a brand new iPhone 6 and your iPad. And you want to sync your Angry Birds game progress across all your devices - how can you achieve this?

Rovio (the games developer) once let users make an account that would do just this. But they only added the login feature to a couple of their games. So this is not a good option. But there is another way!

Facebook Connect. You may of seen the games asking you to compare your scores to your friends, by signing into Facebook. But sharing scores is not only what Facebook does. It also syncs your game progress.

All you need to do is; launch the Angry Birds games with your progress/scores on them, and press the connect to Facebook button (if you had not already done so in the past). The app will switch over to Facebook and you'll need to grant it permission to access your profile. You might be able to limit access to some other information like; your Friends List - but by doing this your scores may not be shared.

After you allow Facebook access, you'll be taken back to the Angry Birds game and will now be signed in using your Facebook account.

Next install the game (if you had not already done so) on the new iOS device. Launch the app, and then tap the Facebook button. The app will switch over and confirm with Facebook and then switch back. You should now have all your scores and progress synced to your new device!

*Note: this will only work on Angry Birds games that support Facebook Connect.

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