Saturday, September 20, 2014

iOS 8 Tip: Send Your iPhone's Last Known Location Before The Battery Dies

If you lose or misplace your iPhone/iPad and the battery was low, you know that there's a limited time to find it using the Find My iPhone app, before your battery dies. In iOS 8, Apple has added a new feature to iCloud and Find My iPhone.

The new feature helps to ensure that the last known location of your iOS device will be recorded when your battery is critically low.

How To Switch On 'Send Last Location' in Find My iPhone:

- Open Settings app.
- Scroll down to, and tap iCloud.
- Scroll down to, and tap Find My iPhone.
- Now switch on option Send Last Location.

With 'Send Last Location' switched on, when your battery is critically low, the location of the device will be sent to Apple. You'll then be able to find your device's last known location through the Find My iPhone app or on iCloud on the web.

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