Thursday, September 18, 2014

iOS 8 Tip: How To Switch Off Recents & Favorites in App Switcher Screen

iOS 8 is here! Filled with hundreds of new features - it's time to learn how to customize some of them!

My first tip for iOS 8 is: How to switch off those Recents and Favorites contacts shortcuts in the App Switcher.

In iOS 8 when you double tap the home button you'll notice round circles featuring pictures of your recent and favorite contacts. This acts as a shortcut to access contacts. But not everyone is loving this feature. When I'm in the app switcher it's usually to stop apps from running in the background or to quickly switch to a previous used app.

To switch off the recents and favorites in the app switcher follow these steps: 

- Open the 'Settings' app.
- Scroll down and tap 'Mail, Contacts & Calendar'.
- Next scroll down to the heading 'Contacts'.
- Under 'Contacts', tap 'Show in App Switcher'.
- Now you have the options to switch on/off 'Phone Favorites' and/or 'Recents'.


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