Monday, September 29, 2014

iOS 8 How To Install 3rd Party Keyboards on iPhone & iPad [Video & Text]

One of the new features in iOS 8 is the ability to install 3rd party keyboards. Here are the instructions of how to install a new keyboard on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  

1. Search the App Store and find an App that has its own keyboard.
For this example, I'm going to use the App SwiftKey.

2. After you download the App, open the iOS Settings App.

3. Then tap: General, then Keyboard, then Keyboards.

4. Now tap, Add New Keyboard.

5. Select the new keyboard that you downloaded, listed under Third Party Keyboards.

7. Some keyboards need you to 'Allow Full Access' to enable certain features like Predictive Type. To do this, tap the keyboards name again. Then switch on Allow Full Access. *Warning, allowing full access will give the app access to everything you type. If you do not trust the app with this information, do not switch this on.

8. Now open something where you can type, like the Notes App. If the new keyboard is not active, tap and hold the world symbol button / or it may be the smiling face button, next to the Spacebar. Then, slide your finger up to the new keyboard.

9. The new keyboard should now be active. You can now go back to the keyboards app and see if there is any customization options.

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