Sunday, September 14, 2014

How To Show Word Count On Pages - Mac OS X Tip

Looking for how to view how many word you’ve written in a OS X Pages document? There’s an easy way to find out that word count number! You can even keep the count showing and actually count as you write that next 1,000 word school essay.

To find out how many words have been written in a Mac OS X Pages document all you need to do is: click on ‘View' on the Menubar, then click from the drop down menu ‘Show Word Count’. To hide the word count, click ‘View' in the Menubar again, then ‘Hide Word Count’ from the drop down menu.

The word count will display at the bottom of the Pages window.

To find out how many words are in a select part of your writing, e.g. a paragraph, simply select that part of the text. The word count number will change to show only how many words are currently highlighted.

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