Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How Not To Back Up Photos To iCloud - iPhone / iPad Tip

iCloud is a handy tool that can keep a copy of you data in the cloud. This make it really convenient to sync between devices and restore from the cloud if you have a new iPhone / iPad. But sometime you may not want to / need to back up everything. For example: Photos.

Photos can take up a lot of space, so sometimes it's convent to have the cloud, but if you are backing up your photos in different ways you may not need iCloud to store your photos.

How to NOT backup photos to iCloud: 

- Open 'Settings' App.
- Scroll down to, and tap, iCloud.
- Scroll down to, and tap, 'Photos'.
- Switch off 'My Photo Stream' and 'Photo Sharing'.
- Then go back by pressing '< iCloud'.
- Now tap 'Storage & Backup'.
- Then 'Manage Storage'.
- Select which device backup you'd like to change.
- Under backup options, switch off 'Camera Roll'.


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