Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Create Free Anime / Cartoon Avatars with App FaceQ

FaceQ By erick kuo

You may of seen a bunch of cartoon/ anime avatars show up on social networks lately - and the app to thank is FaceQ!  

FaceQ can create a huge variety of different anime/cartoon avatars to resemble your look. 

The apps starts with the option to create either a boy or girl avatar. Then divided into separate categories, you can choose from the heaps of different 'parts'; custom hair, face shape, skin color, eyebrows, eyes, mouth, nose, facial hair/marks, glasses, tops, hats, hands/arms, backgrounds, quotes, and more...  

The app is really easy to use, just swipe through the categories, then scroll up and down through the available parts. 

You can share your creations to camera roll, send via Message, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more...

It's really fun creating the avatars - there's sure to be items to match nearly anyones look. 

The app is not new, being in the App Store since December 2013, but maybe due to a recent update, it seems the popularity has really kicked in, now. 

FaceQ is FREE to download and is available for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad (separate apps) - from the App Store. 


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