Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bend-Gate! - iPhone 6 Plus Bending In Pockets!

Apple always seems to have some sort of issue with iPhone's. There has been antenna-gate, scratch-gate, and now a new one for the iPhone 6 line - bend-gate.

Most of the iPhone's to date have been made with aluminum cases, a thin, light, malleable metal. And what happens when you put pressure to aluminum? It bends! And that is exactly what some iPhone 6 Plus owners have been finding out (MacRumors discussion) - their iPhone 6 Plus is bending in their pockets! And in just over 2 days of use. Imagine after 2 years...

This issue is not unique to the iPhone 6 Plus. It can also effect the iPhone 6 and has even affected previous iPhone models, like the iPhone 5. And yes, even Android phones bend.  The simple fact is - apply pressure to aluminum and it'll bend.

Bigger iPhone's mean bigger surface area and by putting them in a tight front pocket and doing everyday things like sitting, bending, or even walking around - the pressure of your pants may in fact apply enough force over time to bend your iPhone.

The weakest point of the iPhone 6 / 6 Plus design seems to be right under the volume keys.

So what can be done to protect your brand new expensive iPhone 6 / 6 Plus? Well, a strong case may help to keep the iPhone straight. Or a large pocket, where the iPhone has a lot of room and isn't being constrained. Keep your iPhone out of your pocket as much as possible. Or don't put your iPhone in your pocket - but that one isn't that realistic for everyone.

Unbox Therapy (YouTube page) has even put his iPhone 6 Plus to a bending test! Using his hands to see how much pressure it would take to bend the phone.

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test | Unbox Therapy

What about with a case on the iPhone 6 Plus? How well would it protect the phone? Jonathan Morrison with the help of friends put the iPhone 6 Plus through a stress test with a case on in this video.   

And what about the iPhone 6? How well will the iPhone 6 fair against pressure? View this iPhone 6 bend test by YouTube user AppleTechPro101 to find out!


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