Monday, September 8, 2014

Apple News Of The Last Week: Real iPhone 6 Leaked? "iWatch" to be Revealed? And Apple Is Dominating Shipping Capacity Out of China.

Here's is some of the more important Apple news that happened last week:

Has the iPhone 6 been leaked? Weibo user zzray has allegedly gotten his hands on a  fully operating iPhone 6 and has posted multiple pictures and videos. [Read more...

Could the iPhone 6 5.5 inch version display more iPad-like landscape apps? 

[Read More on 9to5Mac]

The "iWatch" is said feature third-party apps and the big developers have already been given the SDK by Apple. 

[Read More on 9to5Mac

More evidence that Apple will announce the "iWatch" at Tuesday's event - Apple has invited "top fashion editors and bloggers" to attend. And I seriously doubt its for the iPhone 6 - have you seen what that's rumored to look like? Not very fashionable at all. 
[Read more at Reuters]  

Apple is dominating the shipping capacity out of China! Apple's shipping volume is apparently so high that competing manufacturers are being told that they can't meet their deadlines. 
[Read more at TechCrunch

Apple News For This Week:

Apple is holding a media event on September 9th (this Tuesday) where they are rumored to be announcing the iPhone 6 and the smart-wearable "iWatch".  The event can be watched live (or after) at


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