Thursday, September 18, 2014

1Password Goes Freemium! And Also Gets Touch ID App Extension!

1Password by AgileBits Inc. which is one of the best (if not the best) password managers, went FREE yesterday from its previous price of $9.99USD. It was not quite clear why the App drop in price - some sites thought it was an App Store error and even removed the story. But we know now, why!

1Password has updated to version 5.0 and is now freemium! Which means, free to download - but with a 'Pro' upgrade that'll cost you $9.99USD. Costumes who have already purchased 1Password 4 in the past will get all the new/pro features for FREE! So if you already had purchased 1Password, relax! - The update is available after you have installed iOS 8.

In the new update, 1Password also contains support for Touch ID! Now you can use the fingerprint scanner on your iPhone 5s or iPhone 6/ 6 Plus to login to (supported) Apps and websites! Click here to lean how to use the Touch ID app extension. [] 

1Password, still comes with great features. The Pro features that you can get through the in-app purchase are:

- Multiple and Shared vaults.
- Additional categories (eg: driver's license, passport, ect...)
- Organize data into folders or browse by tags.
- Customize entries with multiple URLs, custom fields and more.

1Password is now FREE to download. To get all the features you'll need to purchase the "Pro" in-app purchase for $9.99USD. Download 1Password now from the iTunes App Store. 


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