Monday, August 11, 2014

Today's Best Free App Deals - A USB Disk, Alarm Clock, & Advice On Girls

Today's Best Hand Picked (Now Free) App Deals for iPhone and iPad include a USB Disk app, Alarm Clock, and Advice on Women. Download them now, while they're FREE! 

USB Disk Pro - The File Manager
By Imesart S.a.r.l.

USB Disk Pro can make your iPhone a portable USB drive. You can store and view all sorts of files including: PDF files, pictures, zip and rar folders, MS Office documents, audio files, video files, and more...

Down from it's previous price of $0.99USD, USB Disk Pro is currently free to download from the App Store.

By Grailr LLC

Have trouble getting up in the morning? CARROT is here to help! A "hilariously twisted AI construct who wants nothing more than for you to get out of bed every morning." 

With witty spoken dialogue, and wake up tasks like; "shake to clean out the lab monkey cages", CARROT will try and make sure you don't just fall back asleep.

Carrot Alarm Clock is down from $1.99USD, currently free to download for iOS devices, from the App Store

200+ Things Girls Wish Guys Knew
By Floor Girls

Men, do you have trouble understanding women? 200+ Things Girls Wish Guys Knew is here to help by giving you some tips on how women think - to make you a better partner (or friend). I doubt this app speaks on behalf of all women, but its still got some useful tips. 

Currently FREE to download for iPhone, down from $0.99USD. Download 200+ Things Girls Wish Guys Knew, now from the App Store.  

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