Friday, August 1, 2014

'Space Fall - Protect Earth' - 8-Bit Asteroid Destroyer Game For iPhone & iPad

Ever since the Flappy Bird craze, there has been a lot of similar style 8-bit games enter the App Store. Today my pick shares a similar interface and buttons to the Flappy game, but it's actually nothing alike. 

Space Fall - Protect Earth is a 8-bit graphics game by ASAB MOBILE, LLC. A simple game to play - that gets more challenging - the longer in the game you last. 

Earth is being bombarded by asteroids and it's your mission to stop them! You don't get to shoot the asteroids, but instead, control a little triangle, moving it from the left to right side of the screen - to make the asteroids collide (into the triangle), destroying them. 

The asteroids fall at a rapid pace, if you miss hitting one - letting it fall to the Earth - the game is over. The game is as simple as moving a object from left to right. It'll put your reaction and speed to the test. 

Space Fall, for me, falls under the category of a 'fun light time waster' game. 

Space Fall - Protect Earth is FREE to download and is available for iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad). Download Space Fall from the iTunes App Store


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