Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Snake!Snake!Snake A New Variation of The Classic Game - For iPhone - App Review

Snake!Snake!Snake By yibin yu is a retake of the classic Snake game that may of played on a old Nokia phone. This variation combines the old classic style of game - with some different gameplay methods.

Like the traditional game, the snake grows as it eats. If it collides with himself or a wall - the game is over. The difference, in this game the circle food that you eat has a time limit. You must get to the next dot (food) before it's timer ends.

The controls work by swiping in the direction you want the snake to move in. However, I found the controls to be unresponsive at times.  It seems I'm to quick for the game. Also the movement (of the snake) is kind of jittery. I would of preferred a smother game play.

The graphics in the game are simple, minimalist - not a fan of the font choices - but the overall design isn't over the top or distracting. Color is mostly used in the snake which changes color depending on the circle it eats.

The music in the game is kind of annoying, and you'll probably find yourself hitting the volume key, down, or switching off music altogether in the app's settings.

There are three game modes available: Classic, Arcade, and Endless. My favorite mode in the game would be the Endless mode - which features similar looks to the games, Dots and TwoDots.

Snake!Snake!Snake is advertisement supported, and doesn't contain any in-app purchases (at this time). The game is a interesting take on the classic and I see some potential there - maybe with a few changes and tweaks.

Snake!Snake!Snake is FREE to download and is available from the App Store for iPhone.


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