Thursday, August 7, 2014

Poll: Which Apple Product Are You More Excited For - iPhone 6 Or iWatch

The end of the year is near already, which means new Apple products are coming! The end of the year could bring many new Apple products - the more predictable ones being a new iPhone, and a new iPad. Their is also that highly rumored new device from Apple, called by the internet the, iWatch.

With a brand new product that may be available to buy sometime this year - the poll today is: Which Apple Product Are You More Excited For - iPhone 6 Or iWatch? 

The iPhone 6 - we've seen many rumors and 'leaked' cases - which the majority of people hate those thick antenna lines... Lets hope that the 'leaked' case is actually fake.


A brand new product - a iWatch - or iTime, or whatever Apple decides to call it. A wrist worn smart device - that everyone is hoping Apple can make a smart-watch that actually looks cool and has features worth wearing the device for.

So which one are you more excited for - a new iPhone or a brand new product for your wrist - the iWatch? Vote in the poll below.

Concepts by Martin Hajek


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