Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pixeption: 5Numbers - iOS Low To High Math Game

Pixeption: 5Numbers by Nguyen Loc is a minimalist, low to high math game for iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad). 

A great fun, simple, math game - Pixeption: 5Numbers, features 5 numbers in circles that you must connect by drawing a line from the lowest number to the highest number - all within a tight time frame (about 6 seconds).

Check out the video (above) for a game play demonstration. 

Pixeption: 5Numbers also features; a simple game design, which is basically just a light screen and numbers in colored outlined circles. Day and Night Themes and Game Center integration. 
A fun, yet challenging brain game - if you're looking to give your mind a math workout - give Pixeption: 5Numbers a download. 

Pixeption: 5Numbers is available to download for FREE from the App Store


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