Thursday, August 21, 2014

iWatch Sport Concept - Square Flat Screen - But Still Looks Better Than LG's G Watch [Image]

iWatch Sport Concept |

We've seen a lot of crazy and futuristic iWatch concepts, but what about one that seems more like the current smartwatches already on the market? Like LG's G Watch. Can you make something that looks plain and ordinary into something good? 

The 'iWatch Sport Concept' featured above comes from They have taken a more simple approach to the iWatch design, keeping it square and without any curving screens. They do show how iOS could easily run on a small screen - although I don't know how small that writing in that text message may end up being. Lets just say - those who increase the font size on their iPhone - probably wont be getting one of these. 

While this is an interesting take on the iWatch - a more simple style version - one that still looks better then LG's G Watch - I think we're are all hoping Apple can "wow" us with an incredible futuristic design, and not a square flat screen. 

Apple's rumored iWatch - is still just that - a rumor. With no real evidence, apart from a few hires that could be 'watch' related, analyst and other sources are predicting a possible October announcement - if not, maybe sometime next year. 


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