Saturday, August 2, 2014

Is Micromon the Best Game Alternative to Pokemon for iPad and iPhone Devices?

A brand new RPG game just launched on July 31st 2014, called Micromon: The Legend of Vaithe by Pocket Trend and is already a big hit on the App Store charts in just a couple of days! Micromon may also be your best alternative to a Pokémon game for iOS devices. Or may even be a lot better game - altogether.

Micromon is a new game with animated characters and animal creatures that you can capture, train, battle with, and evolve. There's no hiding the similarities it shares with another popular, similar, little animal monster battling game called, Pokémon.

Check out the official video trailer of Micromon in the video below:

So Micromon has over 130 monsters that you can capture, train, and evolve. A world to explore, with a storyline and quests. You can challenge other "tamers". Play against real players in the online multiplayer arena. Contains fully animated battles. And a lot more...

So is this the next best alternative to Pokemon? Which is not on iOS. Although I'm sure if it was - it'd be a best seller, but my guess is - it would also probably mean a decline in Game Boy sales, which may be why Nintendo doesn't want to release the game on the iOS platform.

Or, is Micromon even better than Pokemon?! I'm probably a little too old and not the best person to answer that question, so I'm going to leave that answer up to you! If you have played Micromon, or both Micromon and Pokemon, leave a comment below and let us know which game do you think is better? Is Micromon a great game in the making, or is it already there?!

Check out Micromon's Facebook page for more details.

Micromon is available for iOS smart devices (designed for iPhone and iPad) for $0.99 USD (contains In-App Purchases). Buy and Download Micromon now, from the iTunes App Store.


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