Saturday, August 30, 2014

Alleged iPhone 6 Space-Gray Hands-on Video

In this video by company Feld & Volk, who create unique luxury devices of iPhone and iPad's, is what could be the best look so far of the iPhone 6 Space-Gray, pieced together. 

Feld & Volk say they had used all the leaked parts they could get their hands on and combined them together to make the iPhone 6 (or, as I like to call this version: the "Frankenstein iPhone 6") and they actually even get it to show the 'connect to iTunes screen'. 

Could this be the real deal? Judging from the pieces of the iPhone - it does not look like the cheap Chinese clone. The parts seem to match the 'leaked' iPhone 6 parts. So, if all those leaked parts are real - then my best guess is - this is also real. 

Some interesting new details about the iPhone 6 seems to be the Space-Gray version (shown in the video above) will feature lighter gray colored antenna break bands, supposedly to try and make it match the case color and not have it stand out with black lines. This would make the black glass version of the iPhone 6 the lightest yet - since the original iPhone.

Actually, the whole design of the iPhone 6 seems to be a lot like the original iPhone: Rounded edges, silvery back aluminum shell, elongated volume buttons... Just this iPhone is a lot thinner, with a bigger better screen, and is a lot more advanced.   
Apple has confirmed that they will be holding a media event on September 9th 2014 at 10am PST. 


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