Saturday, August 9, 2014

Instagram's New Bolt Messaging App Now Available To Download in Australia

Instagram has added Australia to the list of countries that can download it's new photo and video sharing app called, Bolt.

Bolt is an image sharing app that allows you to send images to your close friends "with one tap". You can send both photos and videos. Add 20 of your favorite friends from your phones contact list for quick access. 

Once you launch the app - you are prompted to enter your phone number, a step you cannot skip, to receive a confirmation code to sign up to the app.  If you don't want to give Instagram (Bolt) your phone number - this screen will be as far as you'll get. 

Bolt's main feature is, it can send in "one tap". Take a photo or a video and once you lift your finger, it sends. There are no filters. "Photos and videos are always unedited so people can see the world as you do." You can add captions to your photos and videos, and reply with text.  

Bolt is FREE to download, available in selected countries, from the App Store


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