Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Feud For iOS - Just a TV Clip App

Family Feud app for iOS by Beachfront Media, features clips from the popular family TV game show.

The app opens with a page asking you to sign in with Facebook or to "try" as a guest. After that, you are taken to the "Greatest Hits" - a page with short video clips of the shows - greatest moments.

There's a menu and a search. Menu options include different video categories, and settings. The videos just seem to be links to YouTube videos. The app itself really just acts as a YouTube channel.

The app buggy too. Like rotation of videos doesn't even always work. Also while using the app - they felt that it was okay to just open up Safari and open their Beachfront website without me asking or pressing to go their. Not cool.

Fans of the Family Feud show who we're looking for something more than just TV clips, maybe like the actually game - will be disappointed. And if you were looking for clips from the TV show, just search YouTube, you could probably find them there.

Family Feud can be download for FREE from the iOS App Store.


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