Monday, August 18, 2014

Download 'Alrm Clock' For iPhone & iPad - Free For Limited Time!

Alrm Clock, designed for both iPhone and iPad, by AppCube Labs is FREE for a limited time! (Saving of USD$2.99).

Alrm Clock features simple gesture swiping controls. Swipe right to view alarms, swipe left for the apps settings. To add a new alarm simply tap on the clock, and drag around the circle outer circle to set the minutes - and the inner circle to set the hour. (Kind of feels like the old iPod click wheel). Edit alarms by dragging the alarm time onto the clock. Swipe up on the screen to snooze the alarm and swipe down to dismiss. Shake your iOS device to switch the alarm off. Delete alarm by press and holding, and tapping the little 'x'.

You can customize your alarm with:
- Alarm Tones: The app has a default tone - and you can also choose any song from your iOS Music app.
- Alarm Image: You can choose different icons for alarm so you can also use the app as a mini reminder app. Icons include; a sunrise, a phone, coffee, plane, present, love heart, and cat/dog.  

Other customization options include: different alarm wallpapers, swipe or shake, how long does snooze last, volume, and app sounds. More alarm icons and wallpapers can be bought through an in-app purchase.

Alrm Clock is a nice alternative app to the plain looking iOS default app. If you're looking for a new alarm - check out this app!

Alrm Clock - Now Available in the App Store from AppCube Labs on Vimeo.

Alrm Clock was previously priced at USD$2.99 - currently FREE for a limited time! (at time of posting). Download Alrm Clock now, for iPhone and iPad, from the App Store!

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