Monday, August 18, 2014

Do Not Move - Your iPhone! - App Game Review

Do Not Move - is a game available for iOS (designed for iPhone) by Hylke Hendriksen.

'Do Not Move' is one of those apps that just makes you say "why?". Probably, "that's stupid!" and maybe even "yeah, I could of made that app". It's one of those apps that seem like a dumb idea - and make you wonder, 'why would I want this?'.

The goal of the 'Do Not Move' game, (if it's even considered a game), is to not - as you might of guessed - move. The longer your iPhone doesn't move - the more the points you get. Move around and you'll actually get negative points.

So to 'win' this game, all you need to do is open the app, and place your iPhone / iPad, down - and just let it sit there. How fun!

But wait! There is one conceivable reason, that I thought of, as to why you would want to play this app - if you're trying to master - balancing (or staying really still)! So if you need to practice not moving and want a score for it, then this app would be perfect for you!

'Do Not Move' was previously priced at $1.99 - but is currently on sale - for FREE (at time of posting). Download 'Do Not Move', now for iOS, from the App Store. 

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