Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Sweet Bubble Race - App Review - iPhone/iPad

A Sweet Bubble Race - The Victorian SteamPunk ClockWork f2p Racing Game By Marc Mueller, is a long titled game that for sake of the rest of this review, I'll just refer to as 'Sweet Bubble Race'.

Sweet Bubble Race is a racing against the clock game that can be best compared to, Tiny Wings, but with flips/tricks.

"The five Sweet Bubble Friends are waking up in the middle of a SteamPunk World. They don't know what happened. Do you? You have to help the five friends to get home and race through this steampunk world." - A Sweet Bubble Race

The game starts with a few static menus. The first screen features settings button which includes options: to mute the sound and music. Other buttons onscreen include: a share button. More games button. Game Center leaderboard. And finally the 'Play' button.

On the play screen - you can choose a rider. There is one playable character, plus four more unlockable for 450 coins each. Little note about the characters - while they are 'cute' looking, couldn't help but notice the rockets on their back are pointing down and I'm not quite sure there's much science going on there. But it's a game - lets move on.

Other Play options include: Power Boosts, which can be purchased for coins. Stage skips, for when a level is too difficult to beat. Unlock different themes. Remove ads. A unlock everything option. And finally - "Play Now".

There are 4 different 'worlds'/'themes': Clock Tower, Deep Passage Way, Engine Room, and Observation Deck. Only Clock Tour is playable to begin with.

Inside of each world is multiple levels. Each with three stars to achieve. I tried out this game on a iPhone, so not quite sure about the iPad, but I did notice a graphical error - the "Back" button on the level menus is half off the screen.

After choosing a level - you can choose to play Single Player, or Multiplay. After choosing a mode - you are shown instructions for about 7 seconds. Actually as I started reading the instruction they disappeared off the screen as the level was ready. I would of maybe considered having the player need to press that "Play Now" button on the bottom corner.

As for the gameplay itself. There are a few of buttons: A settings gear, that doesn't seem to work. Arrows pointing in four directions, which are used for tricks. The Down Arrow (in circle) button which you press when going downhill to build up speed. And the Circle, tricks button, when pressed alone - makes your character do a forward roll.

While playing the Sweet Bubble Race, I could help but to compare the game to Tiny Wings because of it's similarities. However, the similarity in gameplay is where it stops. Sweet Bubble Race isn't as graphical, polished, or animated.

Other than the lack of graphical excitement, for me there just wasn't any 'wow' or exciting factors. Nothing that I hadn't seen in other games. Sweet Bubble Race has it's 'tricks', but I don't think a few rolls is enough to keep me entertained.

Sweet Bubble Race as a whole - is okay. A average game. The game is FREE (with in-app purchases) to download, designed for both iPhone and iPad, and is available from the App Store.


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