Saturday, July 12, 2014

What Will It Take To Break The iPhone 6's Sapphire Glass Screen? Run It Over With A Car!

It's that time of year where alleged parts of the next generation iPhone start to leak! At the moment, everyone seems to be getting their hands on the new iPhone 6 Sapphire front screen cover.

The other day I shared a video from YouTube user Marques Brownlee, who put the iPhone 6's front cover through a scratch test, which he found was really durable! But how durable is it? What would it take to actually break the alleged iPhone 6 Sapphire Screen cover? Well that's what the happens in this video re-uploaded to YouTube by Steve Hemmerstoffer of

It's the ultimate iPhone 6 Front Panel Stress Test! Check out the video!

So in video, to try and damage the supposed iPhone 6 Sapphire front panel, the guys put the cover to the ultimate stress test. So what would it take to damage the panel? Scratching with a coin? - Passed!  Scratch with a tool? Passed. Cut with a blade? That didn't work either.  Hammer it (lightly)? Nope. Hammer a nail through, didn't work. It also survived a drop test and a light bend. Burning the screen with a lighter did nothing that couldn't be wiped off. So what will it take?! Run it over with a car? - Yep! That'd do it!

So if this iPhone 6 piece is legit - which it's looking likely that it is - that screen cover is pretty indestructible! That is, unless you run over your screen panel with your car.


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