Monday, July 21, 2014

'Timberman' A New Old-School Addictive Game For iOS & Android

If you've just got over the Flappy Bird craze - then get ready for the next gaming addiction. Timberman
by Pawel Jedrysiak/Digital Melody, already has close to 3 million players, and that's just on iOS, in only 2 months of being on the App Store.

Timberman is a old school style game, with the simplicity Flappy Bird, but not as hard to play. In Timberman, you play as a lumberjack, chopping down a tree. With just two buttons, a left and right, the aim of the game is to chop as fast as you can, while moving from the left to right side of the screen, dodging the tree's branches. With a clock counting down, you can't take your time!  If you get hit by a tree branch, or run into one - it's game over!

Other features include: 4 variable environments and 10 Timbermen to unlock.

Timberman is simple to play - yet addictively fun! It's a great time waster, or even for some more serious gameplay to show off your highscore to your friends.  

Timberman is FREE to download and is available for iOS (iPhone / iPad) and Android devices.


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