Monday, July 14, 2014

The Next Big App In Brain Training Games - Peak - For iPhone - Download Free!

Want to improve your brain? Or even see in which areas your brain best functions? Try out what I'm calling the next big app in brain games, Peak - Brain Training By brainbow.

Peak - Brain Training is a brain "gym". The app consists of brain games, designed to help you improve in different areas of your brain.

"Your Peak Training Plan acts like a personal trainer for the brain. We'll suggest the right games and challenges to help you be your best, while our dynamic-difficulty adjustments will ensure you're always kept on your toes!

Whatever your age, profession, or hobbies, we’ll help your brain reach its peak performance in core brain skills such as Memory, Mental Agility, Focus, Language and Problem Solving."
The app starts out asking you which areas you want help in or to improve on. After a few question and making a (free) account, you're ready to go!

Peak features: 17 fun (science-backed) brain games! A personalized training plan and daily challenges. A learning system that will automatically set the difficulty of each game to better suit your level. And In-depth stats! You can track your performance and scores in each different category and compare where you fall between other Peak players in your age group.

Brain categories included are: 

- Problem Solving
- Memory
- Language
- Mental Agility
- Focus.

There are two version/accounts of Peak. A Pro version and a free version. The Pro version which is priced at: 1 month: US$4.99, 6 months: US$17.99, 12 months: US$23.99 - features the additional features:
"- Unlocking Peak Pro content and access to a new brain exercise each month
- Access to advanced statistics to track your progress and improve your performance
- Access to a daily personalized training plan"

But don't let a 'Pro' subscription discourage you from trying out the app, because the free version is actually still great!

You still get to play the games. Out of 3 games per day, and they seem to change each day. You can keep replaying the games. You get scores and results for how you are doing in each category. And can compare your score to others in your age group. A very fair "free" version, if you ask me.

If you love brain games or want to challenge and improve your mind - download this app! Give it a shot, I sure you'll love it.

Peak - Brain Training is Free to download and is designed for iPhone / iPod Touch.  

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  1. Another great app is Smartnugget. It teaches you a new piece of interesting information every day. It is available on both the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play Store.


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