Saturday, July 12, 2014

Record The Sounds In Your Room at Night - Dream Talk Recorder Pro - FREE for Limited Time - iOS & Android

Ever wondered if you talk in your sleep? Or if your snore? Or what other sounds might be happening in the night? Dream Talk Recorder Pro is a great app that records the sounds only when there is sound. So all you need to do is set it up, and go to sleep. In the morning all of the sounds recorded will be waiting for you to play back. No need to listen to hours of recordings!

The Pro version which is originally priced at $0.99, is now free for a limited time to celebrate 2 million downloads!

'Dream Talk Recorder Pro' features:

- Records when there is sound in the room.
- Option to set start recording delay.
- Auto stop recording after a certain duration.
- Different recording sensitivity levels.
- Complete history of start/stop times.
- Ability to favorite recordings.
- Listen to recordings with visuals.
- Ability to share recordings via Facebook, Twitter and email.
- Listen and share with the world what everyone else is recording.

'Dream Talk Recorder' is available to download on iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad) and Android


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