Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rainbow Wallpapers for iOS 7 - Gallery iPhone App With Heaps Of Great Wallpapers!

Rainbow Wallpapers for iOS7
By girlsapp4.us

Rainbow Wallpaper is a Gallery App with heaps of wallpapers for iPhone's. Currently on special and available to download for FREE (at time of posting) down from the previous price of $1.29 USD.

With a simple and sleek designed interface, Rainbow Wallpaper is a great source to customize your iPhone.

Rainbow Wallpaper features: Topic lists, recommended wallpapers, Categories; Hot Topic, Quotes, Cartoon, Landscape, Brand, Car, Creative, Celebrity, Home Screen and Colorful, each with their own sub-categories.

You can also search for wallpapers and view what the top search terms others are searching for. You can preview wallpapers in the App with a Home Screen or Lock Screen overlay.  Also view your history and saved history.

Nicely designed. Doesn't throw ads in your face every few seconds. And has a great range of wallpapers. Check it out!

Rainbow Wallpapers for iOS7 is designed/ and available to download for iPhone


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