Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Poptile - Break Tiles, Stop Screen From Filling Up - iOS App Pick

My app pick of the day is Poptile by 1Button SARL.

Poptile is a game that may look similar to Tetris on first glance, but is pretty different.

In Poptile, you tap blocks (or 'tiles'), that remove them - lowering all blocks. For ever move you make - a new line of tiles appear. The aim is to keep the titles from reaching the top of the screen.

The interface and game is minimal - yet still fun and the game is simple - yet challenging to play.

Poptile is FREE to download (contains in-app purchases for extra themes and ad-removal) and is available for iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad). Download Poptile now from the iTunes App Store.  


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