Monday, July 14, 2014

Poll Results: Would You Buy A Black and Gold iPhone 6?

A week ago I asked the question, If Apple Released A Gold/Black iPhone, Would You Buy One? 

There's a White/Silver iPhone, Black/Space-Gray, and a Champagne 'gold' and White iPhone.  But what about those who like the gold, but would rather have the black front screen?

So how many of you's agreed, and would buy a Black and Gold iPhone 6? Before we get to the results, thank you to everyone who took part in the poll!

The results are in!

How many of those who voted would buy a Black and Gold iPhone 6?

At first glance, you may say - 28 percent, that's nothing! But lets consider this. If there were four color options and the sales were divided evenly, each color would count for 25%. So from these numbers, it'd sell it's share. And if there are only 3 color options (like there is currently with the iPhone 5s) that sold evenly - that'd be 33% each. So in reality - 28% buying a Black and Gold iPhone is actually a pretty good result. 


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