Monday, July 7, 2014

Poll Results: iPhone 6 Most Wanted Feature - Bigger Screen Vs Better Battery

A few days ago I asked the question, out of the two most requested features for the iPhone 6, a bigger screen and a better battery, which one do you want more?

Thank you to everyone who took part in the poll. Now lets check out the results!

iPhone 6 Most Wanted Feature:
Better Battery Vs. Bigger Screen

The results are in! And with 
The most wanted feature on the iPhone 6, between: a Better Battery and a Bigger Screen is...
Better Battery! 

As someone who doesn't really have a problem with my iPhone's battery (okay, I need to charge it every night, but it lasts the day), I was actually kind of surprised with the results.  It does seem that users aren't having the best experience with their iPhone's battery life... Maybe Samsung is onto something with their latest iPhone bashing advertisement, titled, "Wall Huggers".


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