Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Instagram Basic Tip: How To View The Photos You've Liked

Instagram is a great place to share your photos, whether it'd be pictures of your food, pets, or even selfies! It's also a great place to find and like pictures from other people. But have you've ever wondered how can you re-view the photos you've liked? If so, it's really easy! Here is a Instagram basic tip!

How to view the photos you've liked on Instagram: 

1. In the Instagram App, tap on the last tab button (on the right of the bottom of the screen).
2. You should now be on your profile page.
3. Now tap the little options 'Gear' on the top left of the screen.
4. Now in Options, tap the second option, 'Posts You've Liked'.
5. Now you can scroll through the list /gallery of the photos you've liked!


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