Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Epic Battle of the Brains in iOS App - BrainWars: The Concentration Battle Game Brain Wars

If you, like me, love brain games - then you'll want to check out the most epic battle of minds, game: BrainWars: The Concentration Battle Game Brain Wars by Translimit, Inc.

BrainWars features over 10 types of games, from Math, to colors, matching, problem solving, and a lot more... each made to target certain parts of your brain. 

The App features 'Training', a place with all the available games which you can play to get some practice. But then the real fun begins. The main great part of this app is the verse mode. 

From the App's home screen you can challenge other players from all around the world - and compete with - out of 3 games. 

The game will place you against a random opponent, not always of a similar skill level.  And the two of you battle it out in the games to see who gets the higher points. The player will the higher overall points, wins. 

You have 5 'hearts' - which means you can play up to 5 times in a row, until the hearts regenerate - which is time based.

As you level up and gain more experience, your Brain Map also changes and shows you what areas you are preforming better in - which is also kind of cool. 

You can also connect to Facebook to challenge your friends. Check out the BrainWars Rankings from their leagues, world, or friends. 

If you love brain games and competing - this app is a must download! It's fun - and the games are both simple to learn and challenging to play.

BrainWars: The Concentration Battle Game Brain Wars - is FREE to download (contains in-app purchases) and is available for iPhone. Download BrainWars from the iTunes App Store.     


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