Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Alleged iPhone 6 4.7" Sapphire Display - Full Review & Scratch Test - Video

YouTube user Marques Brownlee has gotten his hands on the new alleged iPhone 6, 4.7 inch screen cover, and has given it a excellent, proper, full review. 

Marques findings show that this front cover is very likely made from sapphire. It's scratch resistant, and bendable - to the point that it seems impossible to break (at least by bending).

Other notable changes with this iPhone 6 screen cover is: It's almost paper-thin! Contains curved edges. Features a 4.7" screen. And has a relocated FaceTime camera to the left side (like the iPhone 4/4S). 

While I can not say that this is the iPhone 6 screen cover - I can say that (from watching the video) this is a incredibly made display, and most likely is a real part from the iPhone 6. 

I also would expect Apple to use the same high quality sapphire material on their rumored iWatch, so we can probably assume, that too will have a just as durable display cover. 

Be sure to check out Marques' other tech videos on his YouTube page


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