Thursday, July 31, 2014

1Password iOS 8 Touch ID App Extension Shown Off In Video

A great new feature coming in iOS 8 for developers (and users) is App Extensions.  AgileBits, the company that makes the popular password manager, 1Password, has found a very useful way to use the new App Extensions to make typing in your password every time you want to login to a site - a thing of the past!

1Password App Extension for iOS from AgileBits on Vimeo.

In the video above, the 1Password App Extension for third party apps is shown off.  Developers can add the code to their app to support the extension, then users just tap the 1Password button inside the app, tap the 1Password Extension, touch for Touch ID to unlock your database, then choose the login for the site, and the details are filled in!

Now all that may still seem like a lot of work. There's 4 steps involved! But it's still a better solution than the current alternative which is - remember your (unsafe) password and type it in every time. Or use 1Password to have long complex passwords, but need to unlock the app and copy and paste every time.

So using App Extension and Touch ID in iOS 8 is a great ability that's coming for 1Password in the near future. This ability is not long going to be for third party apps - but users should be able to use the 1Password App Extension in the default Safari browser as well.

And for developers - check out Github's 1Password page to see how you can add 1Password App Extension support - to your apps.


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