Monday, June 9, 2014

Poll Results: What Type of Smartwatch Looks Better? Round or Band?

Pictured: Moto 360 and Samsung Gear Fit 

A few weeks ago, sources of one analyst told them that Apple is working on a iWatch, and it will contain a circular design, similar to the Motorola 360 smartwatch. Recently there have been more reports of the alleged iWatch, but these reports once again claim the iWatch will likely contain a curved screen. So in other words, no-one really knows.

With no-one, other than those working on the iWatch, know for sure what it will look like, I put the question to yous! Which design for the iWatch would you prefer? The classic circular design? Or a newer curved band-like screen? 

The results are in! So which did yous prefer?

With a good percentage of the total vote - the wining design is:


It seems that people vote for the familiar. I get it - a fancy watch has that classic look to it. It's recognizable. It's the known. That's something even rectangle or digital watches could never change. While I doubt Apple is trying to replace your expensive formal watch - they would probably still like you to want to wear the iWatch, all the time.

So if the iWatch is real, and it contains a curved screen and not circular one - Apple will have to make it have awesome features, that you don't think that you want - but that you need to have! It'll also have to look amazing, to make those who prefer the old - embrace the future.


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