Thursday, June 5, 2014

'No One Dies' iOS & Android Game - Control Multiple Players At The Same Time!

No One Dies by RINGING, is a simple and yet tricky to play game available for iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.

With a simple white background and black stick figures, 'No One Dies' challenges you to jump over obstacles - the hook being, you must control multiple players at the same time. Which is definitely more difficult than it sounds!

To play all you need to do is tap the screen anywhere in each runners block, to make the player jump. When one runner hits a obstacle, it's game over!

There are four different difficulty modes. The easiest mode, "Normal", with only two players running at a time. The most insane game mode, "Inferno", featuring five players to control at one time.

It's definitely not the most graphically exciting game, but it is a challenging mind-messing game, that you never know - might actually help you improve your multitasking or reaction skills. Worth a download, to try out!

'No One Dies' is FREE to download (advertisement & in-app purchase supported) for iOS devices (designed for iPhone and iPad) from the Apple iTunes App Store and Android devices from the Google Play Store


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