Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Linkin Park App Gets A Recharge From Facebook to iOS - Game Review

Linkin Park are no strangers to the gaming genre. From "8-Bit Rebellion", "Linkin Park GT", and "LP’s Tap Tap Revenge", to the latest release of their forth game; “LP Recharge”, that was released back in September of 2013 as a Facebook Beta app. But, on June 6th 2014, a new version, LP Recharge - Wastelands came to the Apple iTunes App Store… and it is awesome!

For those of you that are not familiar with the game, LP Recharge - Wasteland is a fast-paced 3D action game. Based in a bleak future, Earth is now a barren wasteland, ruled by the monstrous Hybrids – hostile synthetic creatures made of metal and flesh. They ravage the world, depleting it of its energy and valuable resources. You (the player) are part of a resistance, the last stand against the Hybrids.

Like the Facebook game (which is no longer available to play), you can choose to play as a male or female character and customize them with over 100 items of clothing and accessories. Although the only change to the look (besides the clothing) is you can only change your characters face to look like one of the other band members.

There are over 50 Missions to complete. Your mission is to help find all the humans that have been captured by the Hybrids who are now their slaves, and to shut done the energy plants and the Hybrids, by draining them of their energy. You can do this by using your abilities, this includes; Fire, Water, Air (you can use to levitate objects to move or throw then, also to push the Hybrids back) and Earth. The more energy you collect, the more points and "stars" you can collect. Stars are also used to unlock levels and other items.

The controls are basic and straight forward. Tap the screen to move around. Swipe, to speed run. Tap on the Hybrids to fire. Use and switch between abilities by tapping the element icons on the button of the screen, and double tapping the enemy to use them.

You can also collect “Replications" that give you items and accessories that go into your inventory, that you can "Sell" or “Equip.” The more you find, the more you’re able to sell for crystals that you can use to purchase items with. You can buy more crystals as an in-app purchase, (that being the only thing you have the option to buy), there are no other in-app purchase to complete the game. The game itself is offline based, so you don’t need an internet connection every time you play.

I’ve found the iOS app to be a lot more fun, but just as challenging as the Facebook Beta. The controls are a lot more simplified, yet, I still found that when you’re firing at the Hybrids, your character still sometimes runs towards them, leaving you open to be attacked, the game also has crashed a number of times - make sure you are running the latest version of iOS.

'Recharge - Wastelands' is still frustrating, but a lot better than the Beta version. I would of liked to see a Facebook version of the game continue and not just being used to compare scores with friends. I would also like to see in the future a multiplayer version of the game that you can play with your friends, both on the app and Facebook.

'Recharge - Wastelands' is a fun game that keeps you on your guard. I have not stopped playing it... Well, between work and other things.

End note, not a game for the easily frustrated, but still one of the best game I’ve played in a long time.

Written by
Nik Kourtessis 

Twitter: @NikKourtessis

'Linkin Park Recharge - Wastelands' is available on iPad, for $2.99 USD, from the Apple iTunes App Store. [App Store Link]


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