Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fun Memory Matching Game for Kids - iPad / iPhone App

Matching - Memory Training Concentration Card Games for Kids.

$2.99 - Currently Free to Download
iPhone / iPad 

A memory matching game by developer Elle's Games. Matching, features: a card style game. 10 categories. "Playful sounds", and "fun graphics and smooth animations".

The brain game of memory. The aim is to match pairs of the same cards/images. Cards face down, and you take turns flipping them over to find a pair. You can only flip two cards at a time. You start with some guessing, but then must remember where that other card was when you flip over its pair.

The game features big cards. The back of the cards have a star on them. The game begins with numbers on the cards, but you can change this to: Letters, flowers, sports, planes, tools, music, insects, animals, or cars. The images are all black silhouettes. There is also options in settings to play with 8 cards, or 12 cards. There is also a timer that counts as you're playing. Also features a two-player mode (only on iPad) ...And that's about it.

This memory game is simple, but effective. It's not the most graphical or colorful in terms of images, but there is a big variety of categories. The simplicity and big buttoned graphics makes this game perfect for kids, or the elderly. The no in-app purchases also makes the game kid friendly.

App Store Link: Matching - Memory Training Concentration Card Games for Kids


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