Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fun Flicking Soccer Goal Game For iOS & Android

Continuing our app reviews in celebrating of the World Cup - Flick Soccer by Full Fat, is a fun goal shooting game for iOS.

The aim of Flick Soccer is to flick the soccer ball at the target in the goals. Targets can move around, and the goalie can get in the way.

Game modes include:

QuickShot: With a starting time of 60 seconds on the clock, flick as many goals as you can. The closer to the target's red zone, the more extra time added. Mess up, and it'll soon be - game over.

Endurance: A sudden death game. You have three lives (or "Balls"). Lose them all - it'll be over.

Challenge: You are shooting for gold! The challenge is all about the points. Get a high score and win a bronze, solve or gold trophy.

Crossbar: Usually in Soccer you don't want to hit the goal's bars, but in this challenge  your aiming for the bars for points.

Smash It: Time to smash stuff! Smash the glass advertisement panels inside the goal as fast as you can. Quicker you smash, the higher the score.

'Flick Soccer' is a fun flicking game, that'll entertain, and challenge you. It's more fun than a boring penalty shoot out. It's a shame the app hasn't been updated in about 2 years. It's not iPhone 5 native, but it is available for the iPad as a separate app.

'Flick Soccer' is priced at $0.99 USD for iOS and $1.99 USD for Android. 

Download links for 'Flick Soccer': 
- iOS (iPhone) version.
- iOS (iPad) version
- Android version


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