Saturday, June 7, 2014

Full Screen Caller ID To Return to iPhone in iOS 8?

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When iOS 7.1 was released, Apple removed a feature that apparently everyone loved - the full screen caller ID photos. Apple replaced the full screen pictures with a tiny small circle with the caller ID photo in the top right hand corner, leaving the rest of the screen as a blurred version of your wallpaper.

Removing the feature caused a backlash at Apple with users demanding they return the full screen images. Which they so far - have not.

But! In the iOS 8 promotional images found on the Apple website, we see a full screen caller ID photo on a iPhone again! Does this mean Apple will return the feature in the new iOS 8 software? Or was some mistake made in the photos?

So far, according to developers - the full screen caller ID photos are not back in the first developer build of iOS 8 - but this does not mean Apple will not return the feature. It may be re-added in a later build, closer to release date - which will be sometime this fall (likely around, September - October).

In the meantime, if you have a complaint or constructive feedback for Apple about the iPhone - you can contact Apple and leave your comments by clicking here.

*UPDATE: In the iOS 8 update that will be released to the public on September 17th 2014, Full screen caller ID's are back!  


  1. I hope they bring the full screen pictures back. The little circle images are stupid!

  2. yeah I agree.. so can't wait for full screen pictures !:)

  3. Really Apple!!!....What are you thinking, down grading your phone to that little circle you call a caller ID picture! All I can say is that you have disappointed most of us.


  4. Full Screen Caller ID photos are back in iOS 8! The update will be available on September 17th.


    1. If the contact picture is still showing only in the little circle when the person calls, try re-adding a new photo to the contact.

  6. If you set up the picture with your Iphone: It works
    If you set up the picture from an external application: it doen't work (ie: in outlook/exchange w ActiveSync)


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