Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Follow 'Apple' on Twitter - Verified Account List

If you are looking to follow Apple, Inc. on Twitter, you're not going to find the company at the Twitter handle @Apple...  While competitors like; Microsoft, Google, and Samsung, all have Twitter accounts, I guess Apple doesn't see a need to keep that line of communication open with it's users.

But it's not like the company have just ignored Twitter altogether. There are many 'Apple' accounts, some of the head of the company have Twitter accounts, and their are also 'sub-Apple' accounts. So if you are looking to follow some Twitter feeds related to the company - here is a list of Apple's main verified Twitter accounts:

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO (@Tim_Cook)

 Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services (@cue)

Phil Schiller, Senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple (@pschiller)

App Store

- @AppStore

- @iTunes
- @iTunesTV
- @iTunesMovies
- @iTunesMusic
- @iTunesTrailers 
- @iTunesU
- @iTunesPodcasts

- @iBooks


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